The ACT 1 Series of field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) offers a variety of package, speed, and application combinations. Devices are implemented in 1.0-micron CMOS technology and employ Actel’s PLICE antifuse technology.

Key Features

Up to 2000 Gate Array Gates (6000 PLD equivalent gates), replaces up to 50 TTL Packages, and up to twenty 20-Pin PAL Packages.

Design Library with over 250 Macro Functions, Gate Array Architecture, and Completely Automatic Place and Route.

Up to 547 Programmable Logic Modules, up to 273 Flip-Flops, and Data Rates to 75 MHz.

Two In-Circuit Diagnostic Probe Pins support Speed Analysis to 25 MHz, and Built-In High-Speed Clock Distribution Network.

I/O Drive to 10 mA (5V), 6 mA (3.3V), and Nonvolatile; User Programmable.

Device Organization

ACT 1 devices consist of a matrix of logic modules arranged in rows separated by wiring channels, surrounded by a ring of peripheral circuits.

Each channel has 22 signal tracks, and vertical routing is permitted via 13 vertical tracks per logic module column.

Diagnostic Capabilities

Two independent diagnostic probe pins allow real-time diagnostic output of any signal path within the device.

The probe pins can also be used as user-defined I/Os when debugging is finished.


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