The J22 and J23 series are high-performance InGaAs detectors operating over the spectral range from 0.8um to 2.6um. These detectors provide fast rise time, uniformity of response, excellent sensitivity, and long-term reliability for a wide range of applications.


The detectors are suitable for various applications including gas analysis, NIR-FTIR, Raman spectroscopy, IR fluorescence, blood analysis, optical sorting, radiometry, chemical detection, optical communication, and optical power monitoring.

Operating Circuits

The recommended circuit for most applications is an Op-amp in a negative-feedback transimpedance configuration, which converts the detector output current to a voltage while maintaining the detector near zero-volt bias for lowest noise.

Teledyne Judson offers a variety of thermoelectrically cooled detector options for enhanced performance or temperature stability of response near the cutoff wavelength.


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