The P1330R ROHS SERIES is a line of traditional surface mount power inductors with a ferrite core.

Key Features

Operating temperature range: -55°C to +125°C
Maximum power dissipation at 90°C: 0.210 W
Current rating at 90°C ambient: 35°C rise

Physical Parameters

Size: 0.300 to 0.325 inches (7.62 to 8.26 mm)
Weight: 0.30 grams max

Marking and Packaging

Marking: Delevan; dash number followed by a P; date code (YYWWL)
Packaging: Tape & reel (16mm); 7″ reel, 500 pieces max; 13″ reel, 2200 pieces max


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Pricing & Distributors: https://www.datasheets360.com/part/detail/p1330-154k/-1474200242470603685/

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