General Information

The datasheet presents metallized polyester film capacitors (MKT) for general purpose applications, including blocking, coupling, decoupling, and RFI for automotive.

The capacitors feature high pulse strength, high contact reliability, and are RoHS-compatible and halogen-free.

Construction and Dimensions

The capacitors have a plastic case (UL 94 V-0) with epoxy resin sealing (UL 94 V-0) and are available with lead spacings from 5 to 37.5 mm.

Types and Technologies

The datasheet covers various types of capacitors, including B32520, B32529, B32521, B32522, B32523, B32524, and B32526, with stacked-film and wound capacitor technologies.

The capacitors are available with different voltage ratings, capacitance values, and lead lengths.


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