The DZMC Low-Torque Basic Switch is a highly reliable rotary-action switch designed for low-torque operation (0.5 mN-m) with a 0.5A rated model.

Key Features

Employing crossbar gold-alloy contacts for excellent contact reliability in the micro load range, this switch offers long durability (10,000,000 mechanical operations min) through the use of a movable coil spring.

It is RoHS compliant and features a range of models with different operating torques (0.5 mN-m, 0.75 mN-m, and 1.00 mN-m) and directions of actuation (clockwise and counterclockwise).

Electrical and Mechanical Characteristics

The switch has a rated voltage of 125 VAC/250 VAC/30 VDC, with a maximum operating torque of 0.5 mN-m to 1.00 mN-m, and a permissible operating speed of 360°/s.

It also features a high insulation resistance, contact resistance, and vibration malfunction resistance, making it suitable for a variety of applications.


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