The FAN3216 and FAN3217 are dual 2-A gate drivers designed to drive N-channel enhancement-mode MOSFETs in low-side switching applications.

They feature high peak current pulses, internal resistors to turn the driver off if no inputs are present, and matched internal propagation delays between channels.

Key Features:

4.5-V to 18-V operating range, 3-A peak sink/source current, and 2.4-A sink/1.6-A source current at Vout = 6 V.

TTL inverting (FAN3216) and non-inverting (FAN3217) configurations, with internal under-voltage lockout function.

MillerDrive TM technology for high current during MOSFET turn-on/turn-off, and standard SOIC-8 package.


Switch-mode power supplies, high-efficiency MOSFET switching, synchronous rectifier circuits, DC-to-DC converters, motor control, and automotive-qualified systems.


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