The 250 Series resistors are designed for applications where space is limited. They feature an all-welded construction, a low profile, and integral mounting brackets for easy installation and heat sinking.

Key Features:

  • RoHS compliant and lead-free
  • Available in wattage ratings from 10 to 55 watts
  • Tolerance of ±0.5% (J)
  • Dielectric withstanding voltage of 500 VAC (10 and 20 watt) and 1000 VAC (30, 40, and 55 watt)
  • Temperature coefficient of ±100 to ±200 ppm/°C

Dimensions and Mounting:

  • Dimensions vary according to resistance value and wattage rating
  • Integral mounting brackets for easy installation and heat sinking
  • Stackable design with washers or spacers recommended for clearance and improved power dissipation


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