The YNM12SO5 is a non-isolated DC-DC converter that delivers up to 5 A of output current in an industry-standard surface-mount package. It operates from a 9.6 to 14 VDC input and provides a programmable output voltage of 0.7525 to 5.5 VDC.

Key Features

High efficiency, no heat sink required, and low-profile design. RoHS lead-free solder and lead-solder-exempted products are available. Extended input range, no derating up to 85°C, and remote ON/OFF control.


Intermediate Bus Architectures, Telecommunications, Data communications, Distributed Power Architectures, Servers, and workstations.


High efficiency, reduces total solution board area, tape and reel packing, compatible with pick & place equipment, and minimizes part numbers in inventory.


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