The YC/TC 164 series are RoHS compliant chip resistor arrays with lead-free terminations made by thick film process.


These resistors are designed for high component and equipment reliability, saving PCB space, and reducing environmentally hazardous wastes. They are halogen-free and epoxy-coated.


They are suitable for various applications, including SDRAM and DDRAM computer applications, laptop computers, desktop computers, consumer electronic equipment, PDAs, PNDs, mobile phones, and telecom.

Ordering Information

The ordering code consists of the series, size, tolerance, packing type, temperature coefficient, taping reel, and resistance value. For example, YC164-JR-O7IK(L) represents a YC164 convex chip resistor array with a value of 1,000 Ω, +5% tolerance, and supplied in a 7-inch tape reel.


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Pricing & Distributors: https://www.datasheets360.com/part/detail/yc164-fr-10100r/7741530686479609340/

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