General Specifications

The datasheet presents the specifications for Type HC (polarized) and Type NP (non-polarized) aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

Operating Conditions

Operating temperature range: -20°C to +85°C
Voltage range: 25 WVDC to 450 WVDC (Type HC), 125 WVNP to 450 WVNP (Type NP)

Capacitance Range and Tolerance

Capacitance range: 100 pF to 4,000 pF (Type HC), 15 pF to 500 μF (Type NP)
Capacitance tolerance: 10% +150% (25 to 50 WVDC), 10% +100% (150 to 450 WVDC), +25% (Type NP)

Dimensions and Catalog Numbers

Dimensions are provided in inches, and catalog numbers are listed for various capacitance and voltage ratings.


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