The PII66NL series of SMT power inductors features a shielded drum core design with a maximum height of 3.8mm and a footprint of 7.5mm x 7.5mm.

These inductors are AEC-Q200 compliant and offer a current rating of up to 5.5A, with an inductance range of 0.44uH to 750uH.

The series includes 24 different part numbers, each with its own specific electrical characteristics, including inductance, saturation current, and heating current.

Key Features:

Operating Temperature: -40°C to +130°C

Inductance Tolerance: ±20% (±30% for certain part numbers)

RoHS Compliance: All “NL” suffixed parts are RoHS compliant


For detailed specifications, testing conditions, and application notes, please refer to the datasheet.


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