The 6OOR Series is designed to protect against power fault events in telecom applications, meeting requirements of GR-1089-CORE, UL60950/EN60950/IEC60950, and ITU K.20, K.21, and K.44.

Features include:

  • 0.15-0.16A hold current range and 6OVDC operating voltage
  • Fast time-to-trip and binned and sorted narrow resistance ranges
  • RoHS compliant, lead-free, and halogen-free

Applications include:

  • Secondary overcurrent protection for central office equipment, customer premises equipment, and alarm systems
  • Set top boxes, voice over IP, and subscriber line interface circuits

Electrical Characteristics

Maximum time to trip, hold current, trip current, and resistance are specified.

Agency Approvals

Approved by TUV, UL, and other agencies.


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