This datasheet describes the N-Channel RF Amplifier, designed for VHF/UHF amplifier, oscillator, and mixer applications.

Absolute Maximum Ratings

The device has a maximum drain-source voltage of 25V, gate-source voltage of 25V, and forward gate current of 10mA.

Thermal Characteristics

The total device dissipation is 625mW, with a thermal resistance junction to case of 725°C/W and junction to ambient of 357°C/W.

Electrical Characteristics

The device has a gate-source breakdown voltage of 25V, gate-source cutoff voltage of -1.0V, and zero-gate voltage drain current of 12mA.

Small signal characteristics include a common-source input conductance of 0.5mmhos, common-gate power gain of 16dB, and noise figure of 3.0dB.


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