This datasheet describes the Micron 3V, 256Mb Multiple I/O Serial Flash Memory, featuring a SPI-compatible serial bus interface, double transfer rate (DTR) mode, and a 2.7-3.6V single supply voltage.

The device supports various protocols, including Extended SPI, Dual I/O, and Quad I/O, with clock frequencies up to 108 MHz in single transfer rate (STR) mode and 54 MHz in DTR mode.

Key Features:

  • Execute-in-place (XIP) mode for all three protocols
  • Configurable via volatile or nonvolatile registers
  • Fast read with quad or dual output
  • Software reset and 3-byte and 4-byte addressability modes
  • 64-byte, user-lockable, one-time programmable (OTP) dedicated area

The device also features erase capabilities, including subsector erase, sector erase, and full-chip erase, as well as write protection and electronic signature.

Available in various packages, including JEDEC standard, RoHS-compliant V-PDFN-8, SOP2-16, and T-PBGA-24.


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