The A-922F 2PST contactor is a high-reliability device designed for aerospace applications, meeting many requirements of MIL-R-6106.

Key Features

2PST main contacts, 600 Amps, 28 VDC, with a second time delay between Rand M contact closure.

Transient suppression and economizing coil for efficient operation.


Main contacts: 2PST, N.O., 28 VDC, 600 Amps (resistive)

Coil data: 28 VDC, 16 VDC pick-up, 1-7 VDC maximum drop-out, 65 Amps in-rush, 0.56 Amps hold

Operating temperature: -55°C to +71°C, with a life of 100,000 cycles (electrical) and 100,000 cycles (mechanical)

Weight: maximum 6 Lbs


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