The G6RL is a low-profile 12.3 mm height power relay with a maximum switching capacity of 10A and 2,500 VA (NO). It features a dielectric strength of 5 kV and a clearance and creepage distance of 10 mm.

Key Features

Models with high shock resistance (250 m/s²) and P1 load (2 x 200 W lamps parallel to ignition transformer) are available.

The relay has a RoHS compliance and is suitable for applications such as boilers, PLCs, IO ports, timers, and temperature controllers.

Electrical Characteristics

The relay has a rated coil voltage of 3-48 VDC, with a minimum packing unit of 100 pcs/tray. It features a contact resistance of 100 mΩ max and an insulation resistance of 1,000 MΩ min.

The relay has a maximum switching current of 10A (NO) and 8A (NC), with a rated carry current of 10A.


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