The FAN2558/FAN2559 low voltage CMOS LDOs feature fixed or adjustable output voltage, 18OmA load current, delayed power good output (open drain), and ±2% output accuracy with excellent line and load regulation.

An external bypass capacitor provides ultra-low noise operation. The devices incorporate thermal shutdown and short circuit protection, and are stable with a 1uF; low ESR capacitor.

Key Features

18OmA output current, low ground current, and fast enable for CDMA applications

High ripple rejection, current limit, and thermal shutdown

Excellent line and load regulation, and requires only 1uF output capacitor

Stable with 0 to 300mΩ ESR, and TTL-level compatible enable input

Active output discharge, and available in 5-Lead SOT-23, 6-Lead SOT-23, and 2x2mm MLP-6 packages


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