The DZF Ultra Subminiature Basic Switch is a compact switch designed for durability and versatility, featuring a snapping mechanism with two highly precise split springs.

Key Features

Available with various terminal options, including PCB, self-clinching PCB, right-angled, left-angled, solder, and compact solder terminals.

Ratings: 125 VAC, 3A/1A (general purpose), 30 VDC, 0.1A (low operating force).

Actuator options: pin plunger, hinge lever, hinge roller lever, and simulated roller lever (R1.3/R2.5).

RoHS compliant and designed for long durability with a maximum operating force of 1.47 N (150 gf) for general-purpose models and 0.74 N (75 gf) for low operating force models.


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