The Z86E30/E31/E40 8-Bit One-Time Programmable (OTP) Microcontrollers are part of Zilog’s single-chip 28-pin MCU family, featuring enhanced wake-up circuitry, programmable Watch-Dog Timers, Low Noise EMI options, and easy hardware/software system expansion capability.

These microcontrollers offer powerful I/O capabilities, with 24 pins (Z86E30/E31) or 32 pins (Z86E40) of dedicated input and output, configurable under software control to provide timing, status signals, and parallel I/O with or without handshake, and address/data bus for interfacing external memory.

Key Features:

Low Power Consumption: 60 mW (standard temperature) and 40 mW (extended temperature)

Fast Instruction Pointer: 0.75 uS

Two Standby Modes: STOP and HALT

Software Programmable Low EMI Mode

Software Enabled Watch-Dog Timer (WDT)

Two Programmable 8-Bit Counter/Timers with 6-Bit Programmable Prescaler

Six Vectored, Priority Interrupts from Six Different Sources

24/32 Input/Output Lines

Two Comparators

Auto Latches

On-Chip Oscillator accepting Crystal, Ceramic Resonator, LC, RC, or External Clock Drive

Auto Power-On Reset (POR)


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