Electrical Properties

The D 2209 N power rectifier diodes have a maximum repetitive peak reverse voltage (VRRM) of 2000-2800 V and a maximum RMS forward current (IFAVM) of 2200 A.

The diodes also have a maximum surge forward current (IFSM) of 8405 kA and a characteristic on-state voltage (Vt) of 2.3 V.

Thermal Properties

The thermal resistance (Rth) of the diodes is 0.0169 °C/W, and the maximum junction temperature (Tj max) is 160 °C.

Mechanical Properties

The diodes have a Si-pellet with a pressure contact and a clamping force of 24-60 kN.

The case design is T-shaped, and the creepage distance is 40 mm.


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