Features and Benefits

The YAEV and YAEV-L compression connectors offer maximum reliability and electrical capacity with a double thick tongue and seamless, electrolytic copper barrel. They provide high conductivity, low resistance, and excellent crimp forming properties.

The nylon insulation is locked in place, ensuring it will not move or twist off, and is rated for 300 volts with high dielectric strength and stability. The color-coded system allows for quick and easy wire size selection.


These connectors are designed for demanding high-vibration applications, including aircraft, ships, motor lead applications in hospitals, industrial, and generating plants.

They meet MIL-T-7928 requirements and are rated for 105°C.


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Pricing & Distributors: https://www.datasheets360.com/part/detail/yaev4c-l5/9126551125317807000/

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