The BMA series is a range of blind mate connectors designed for high-frequency applications where reliability, durability, and performance are essential.

Key Features

Float mount design allows for large axial and radial misalignment. Compatible with MIL-STD-348 and CEI 1169-33 standards.

Applications include airborne and ground radars, active electronically scanned array antennas, and military microwave modules.


Electrical characteristics: impedance, frequency range, insertion loss, and RF leakage.

Mechanical characteristics: durability, force to engage/disengage, cable retention force, and misalignment.

Environmental characteristics: temperature range, thermal cycling, vibration, shock, and moisture resistance.

Materials and Plating

Materials: stainless steel, brass, beryllium copper, and silicon rubber.

Plating: gold, passivated BBR, and NPGR.

Plugs and Contacts

Available in straight plugs, straight bulkhead plugs, and straight contacts for semi-rigid cables, flexible cables, and SHF cables.


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