This datasheet describes the 9019 Press-Fit Receptacle, a non-plated through-hole component designed for use with 0.022″ (0.56mm) and 0.032″ (0.81mm) diameter leads.

The receptacle features a press-fit design, with a 0.075″ mounting hole and a basic part number of 9019-0-19-XX-06-XX-10-0.


The contact material is Beryllium Copper Alloy 172 (UNS C17200), with a chemical composition of Cu 98.1% and Be 1.9%. The shell material is Brass Alloy 360 or 385, per ASTM B 16 and B 455, respectively.


The Beryllium Copper contact has a hardness of 36-43 Rockwell C, a mechanical life of 1000 cycles, and an electrical conductivity of 22% IACS.

The Brass Alloy shell has a yield strength of 25-45 ksi, a tensile strength of 57-80 ksi, and an electrical conductivity of 26-28% IACS.

The component is RoHS compliant and meets various industry standards, including REACH and DRC Conflict Free requirements.


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