General Description

The K6T4OO8V1C and K6T4008U1C families are 512Kx8 bit low power and low voltage CMOS static RAMs fabricated by SAMSUNG’s advanced CMOS process technology.


These families support various operating temperature ranges and have various package types for user flexibility of system design. They also support low data retention voltage for battery back-up operation with low data retention current.

Product Family

The product family includes K6T4OO8V1C and K6T4008U1C, with different operating temperature ranges, power supply voltage, and package types.

Functional Description

The device operates in active, standby, and power-down modes. It has a chip select (CS) input, output enable (OE) input, write enable (WE) input, and data inputs/outputs (I/O).

Absolute Maximum Ratings

The device has absolute maximum ratings for voltage, power dissipation, and storage temperature to prevent permanent damage.


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