The 1N4614UR-1 through 1N4135UR-1 and 1N4614UR-1 through 1N4627UR-1 series are 500 mW Zener voltage regulators in a surface mount, glass DO-213AA package.


These diodes are constructed with an internal metallurgical bond and are mil-qualified up to the JANS level for high reliability applications. They are available with voltages from 1.8 to 100V in 5%, 2%, and 1% tolerances.

They are also available commercially with the CDLL prefix and are RoHS compliant. The diodes are hermetically sealed in a surface mount package and are non-sensitive to ESD per MIL-STD-750 method 1020.

Applications and Benefits

The diodes regulate voltage over broad ranges of current and temperature, with an extensive selection of voltages available. They have minimal capacitance and are inherently radiation hard.


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