The 1N4614UR-1 through 1N4627UR-1 and 1N4099UR-1 through 1N4135UR-1 series are 500 mW Zener voltage regulators in a surface mount, glass DO-213AA package.


These diodes are constructed with an internal metallurgical bond and are mil-qualified up to the JANS level for high reliability applications. They are available in various voltage tolerances (5%, 2%, and 1%) and have a maximum noise density of 40 μV/VHz for 6.8 V and up.


These diodes regulate voltage over broad ranges of current and temperature, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. They are also inherently radiation hard and have minimal capacitance.

For more information, visit the Microsemi website at http://www.microsemi.com.


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