Pre-Grounding Connectors

Vernitron’s pre-grounding connectors offer enhanced safety with U.L. recognized and CSA certified plug and socket connectors. The extra-long grounding contact engages before any other active contacts are mated, ensuring a safer connection.

Key Features

Available in various styles for chassis and cable mounting, with different types of mounting hardware and locking devices. The pre-grounding contact is an additional contact position, rather than replacing a standard contact.

Connector Series 5400

Designed for panel and cable mounting applications, these connectors can be mated with all Beau (Panel 4400 and 5400 models) and are interchangeable with Series 2400 or 400 type connectors.

Key features include a flange molded into the base, which conceals the C-clips for fast panel mounting, and a current rating of 15 amps, 1750 volts rms.


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Pricing & Distributors: https://www.datasheets360.com/part/detail/p-5408-cct-05/5556306309305553923/

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