The Series 3300 connectors offer a range of features and options for panel and cable mounting, including pre-grounding connectors for enhanced safety.

Key Features

These connectors are U.L. recognized and CSA certified, with individual contacts rated at 10 amps and 750 volts rms. They are available in various styles, including panel and cable mounting options, with different types of mounting hardware and locking devices.


The Series 3300 connectors are suitable for a wide range of applications, including office machines, communication equipment, security systems, machine controls, vending machines, medical equipment, amusement machines, test equipment, measuring instruments, and data processing equipment.

Mounting Options

The connectors can be mounted using C-clips, which make installation quick and easy without the need for drilling or screws. Other mounting options include angle brackets, flat plates, and recessed plates.

Contact Options

Vernitron offers a wide selection of contact tails, including solder eye, printed circuit, and wire wrap options. The connectors also feature a heavy-duty polarizing/ground contact.


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