This summary extracts vital information from the first two pages of the 2022 Owner’s Manual for the Volkswagen Taigun and T-Cross models. It represents an initial guide for new car owners, emphasizing the importance of understanding vehicle operations, warranty terms, and acceptance of vehicle conditions upon delivery.

Vehicle Delivery Documentation

Central to these pages is the documentation process, where the owner’s signature verifies that they have received their Volkswagen vehicle in satisfactory condition, have been briefed on its operation, and understand the warranty. The manual highlights the importance of capturing the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), delivery date, and details of the Volkswagen dealership responsible for the sale, including its official stamp and signature.

Commitment to Advancement

Volkswagen asserts its continual commitment to the development of its vehicles. Acknowledging that updates to design, technology, and equipment can occur, the manual indicates that information reflects the status at the time of the editorial deadline. Therefore, owners are encouraged to directly consult with Volkswagen dealers for the latest updates or information regarding their specific vehicle and market variations.

Equipment and Features

There is an important note that certain vehicle features and equipment highlighted in the manual might become available post-publication, only be available in specific markets, or as special equipment at an additional cost. Volkswagen dealers are identified as a resource for updates on country-specific offerings and the availability of any optional equipment.

Legal and Copyright Information

The manual also includes a disclaimer specifying that no legal claims can be made based on the technical data, illustrations, and information provided. It is subjected to changes and includes a strict copyright notice that prohibits unauthorised reproduction, reprinting, or translation of the manual’s content without prior permission from Volkswagen AG.

The combination of practical vehicle receipt instructions, an overview of Volkswagen’s commitment to innovation, clarification on equipment features, and legal boundaries forms an introductory framework for the owners of the Taigun and T-Cross 2022. It aims to ensure a seamless start for the customer’s experience with their vehicle.


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