User Manual Overview

This User Manual is designed for the Lotus Elise and Exige models from the years 2011-2019. It provides comprehensive guidance on the MXZE, a specialized dashboard logger integrated with lap timers, sensors, and more, enhancing the driving and racing experience for Lotus owners.

Main Features of MXZE

The MXZE offers a plethora of features, including Lap Times recording, interactive Icons, LED indicators, and a customizable keyboard interface. These streamline the interaction with the device and ensure that all critical driving data is readily accessible to the driver.

Menu and Preferences

The manual outlines the extensive menu system which allows drivers to tailor the MXZE’s functionality to their preferences. This includes adjusting display settings, shift lights, gear indicators, unit measurements, date/time, and backlight settings. The MXZE further hosts a Track Manager for GPS-related functionalities and supports a reverse camera.

On-Track Application

When on the track, the MXZE enhances performance analysis through its connection capabilities with PCs, allowing for detailed configuration such as CAN Expansions and SmartyCam. Utilizing the Race Studio 3 software, users can manage tracks directly on the MXZE.

Data Management

The manual includes information on data recall, download, and analysis— crucial for post-race performance reviews. Furthermore, it covers Wi-Fi configuration, including setting up the MXZE dash-logger as an access point, integrating MXZE loggers into an existing network, and troubleshooting connection issues.

Device Maintenance and Upgrades

Maintenance is also a section covered in the manual which includes upgrading the firmware of the MXZE and managing connected rear cameras.

Technical Support and Updates

Lastly, the manual emphasizes the availability of technical support, software downloads, firmware updates, and additional product documentation to ensure the MXZE operates at peak efficiency and drivers benefit from the latest enhancements.

This manual is an essential document for Lotus Elise and Exige owners who use the MXZE system, as it provides a detailed user guide for optimizing their driving experience, keeping their device up to date, and maximizing the potential of their high-performance sports car.


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