Maintenance Tips for a Safe and Reliable Mercedes-Benz Experience

As a proud owner of a Mercedes-Benz, staying on top of maintenance is key to ensuring your vehicle’s safety and operational reliability. Mercedes-Benz constantly seeks to refine its vehicles and recognizes the importance of regular services to maintain its high standards. Due to ongoing improvements, the brand advises that changes in periodic maintenance work may occur over time.

Symbols and Trademarks

Inside the Maintenance Booklet, you’ll encounter various symbols that serve important functions:

  • Warning! – Identifies potential threats to your or others’ safety and health.
  • Caution! – Alerts about actions that could harm your vehicle.
  • Note: – Provides helpful tips and additional information.
  • The continuation symbol (…) – Indicates that a topic is extended on the next page.

Among the trademarks mentioned is AdBlue®, a registered trademark of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA).

Up-to-date Service Information

Maintenance documentation may have been accurate at the time of press, but always consult with your authorized Mercedes-Benz Center for the most recent maintenance information appropriate for your vehicle’s age and mileage. The use of genuine Mercedes-Benz parts is strongly recommended to ensure optimal vehicle performance and compliance with emission standards. Non-equivalent parts may affect your warranty. Your authorized Mercedes-Benz Center is fully equipped to service your vehicle and provide expert care with certified parts.

Note that service, replacement, or repair of emission control devices and systems is not exclusive to Mercedes-Benz service centers—any automotive repair establishment or individual can perform these using certified parts. However, the use of non-certified parts could negatively impact your emission performance warranty claims.


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