Mercedes-Benz provides a comprehensive Operator’s Manual for the C-Class Sedan Edition B-2022. This manual serves as a crucial resource for understanding the vehicle’s features, safety protocols, and guarantees. It comes in both multimedia system access and a printed format housed within the vehicle’s document wallet.

Essential Safety Information

Among the most vital content in the manual is the vehicle’s safety information. An emphasis is placed on airbag warnings, highlighting the risks associated with the front passenger airbag. Particularly, there is a stark warning against the use of a rearward-facing child restraint system on a seat with an enabled airbag, as it could result in severe injury or death to a child. The Operator’s Manual contains a dedicated chapter on “Children in the vehicle” to address these concerns.

Accessibility and Publication Details

The manual stresses immediate familiarization with the content, advocating for the use of the quick guide and utilizing practical tips provided. It also points towards additional resources and details found on Mercedes-Benz’s official websites for customers in the USA and Canada. For inquiries or further information, the manual redirects to these platforms.

Legal and Manufacturer Information

Operational information is not to be reproduced without written permission from Mercedes-Benz AG, indicating the copyright status of the manual. The documentation is produced by Mercedes-Benz AG, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. Complete respect for the intellectual property rights of the manufacturer is clearly demanded.

Airbag Warning Sticker

The manual references an airbag warning sticker specifically for the USA and Canada, highlighting the universal importance of the airbag warnings and the necessity for them to be clearly understood and adhered to by operators of the vehicle.


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