The BMW i3 Owner’s Manual is a comprehensive guide designed to provide BMW i3 owners with detailed information about their vehicle. The manual is structured to assist owners in understanding the full capabilities, operation, maintenance, and safety features of the i3, BMW’s innovative electric vehicle.

Starting with an alphabetical contents section for easy navigation, the manual delves into various aspects of vehicle ownership. It emphasizes the importance of thoroughly reading the manual to ensure the safety and longevity of the vehicle, as well as to enjoy all the features that come with BMW’s engineering excellence.

Although the first two pages of the manual primarily set the stage for the rest of the content, they also highlight the importance of using the manual as a resource for resolving initial queries and as a reference for ongoing needs. It reveals the manual’s organization and hints at the in-depth discussions on operation, care, and the technical data to expect in the following pages.

The document is an “Online Edition” indicating that it is readily accessible in digital format, providing ease of access and referencing for owners. This can be beneficial for BMW i3 drivers who prefer accessing information on digital platforms, ensuring they can obtain the guidance they need from wherever they are, as long as they are connected to the internet.

The manual year is indicated as “IV/15”, reflecting either the publishing date or the edition, which can be crucial for owners to ensure that they are consulting the correct version for their vehicle year and model. This aligns with the desire for up-to-date information tailored to the specifics of their particular BMW i3.

The manual is not only a repository of technical information but also serves to reinforce BMW’s brand values and commitment to providing a quality driving experience through thoughtful design, innovation, and state-of-the-art technology. Furthermore, the easy availability of this online edition signifies BMW’s commitment to end-user convenience and environmental responsibility by reducing paper usage.

In summary, while the first two pages of the BMW i3 Owner’s Manual give a brief glimpse into its intent and scope, they clearly establish the essential nature of the manual to the owner’s understanding and enjoyment of their BMW i3. It is a critical starting point for new owners and an ongoing reference for seasoned drivers, assuring them of support in their journey with the BMW i3 electric vehicle.


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