The BMW G310R Rider’s Manual offers comprehensive information about the vehicle, aiming to enhance the riding experience while ensuring safety and proper maintenance. This essential guide aids riders in familiarizing themselves with their BMW G310R, a motorcycle renowned for its dynamic performance and engineering excellence.

The manual begins by providing essential vehicle data, which is critical for the identification and servicing of the bike:

Vehicle Data

  • Model: Specific details of the BMW G310R model are noted here.
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): Unique to each motorcycle, the VIN is a crucial identifier for registration, insurance, and service history.
  • Colour Code: The specific colour of the motorcycle is listed, useful for ordering parts or touch-up paint.
  • Date of First Registration: This date is essential for warranty and service timelines.
  • Registration Number: Information pertinent to the legal registration of the motorcycle.

Dealership Details

Effective communication with an authorized BMW dealership is facilitated through the manual, providing a dedicated space for riders to record dealership information:

  • Dealership Address and Phone Number: The primary contact information for the dealership, including a space for the company stamp.
  • Person to Contact in Service Department: Designating a service person provides a direct point of contact for servicing needs.
  • Phone Number: Direct line to the service department or representative to arrange appointments or inquire about services.

This section of the manual underscores the importance of keeping a record of the vehicle and dealership details for efficient service and support. It’s a crucial reference for the bike’s owner to maintain and track the vehicle’s service history and warranty status. Riders are encouraged to fill out these sections immediately upon acquiring their motorcycle to ensure all data is accurately recorded and easily accessible when needed.

For enhanced search engine visibility, emphasis is placed on the specific terms ‘BMW G310R Rider’s Manual,’ ‘Vehicle Data,’ and ‘Dealership Details,’ setting the stage for potential BMW G310R owners seeking in-depth knowledge about their machine. The summary remains focused on the essential elements presented in the first two pages, which are indicative of the manual’s structure and purpose.


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