Welcome to Your Alfa Romeo STELVIO

This Owner Handbook provides operating instructions and essential information for safe driving, care, and maintenance of your Alfa Romeo STELVIO.

Important Reminders

Refuel only with unleaded petrol (RON 95 or higher) for petrol engines and diesel fuel for diesel engines. Do not use petrol containing methanol or ethanol E85.

Avoid parking on flammable materials, as the catalytic converter develops high temperatures during operation.

Respect the environment by ensuring the vehicle’s emission-related components are functioning properly.

For electrical accessories, consult an Alfa Romeo Dealership to ensure the vehicle’s electric system can support the required load.

Scheduled servicing is essential for maintaining the car’s performance, safety features, and environmental friendliness.

The vehicle is equipped with cybersecurity devices to protect onboard electronic systems from hacking attempts. Do not remove, modify, or tamper with these devices.


Download: Alfa Romeo STELVIO Owner Handbook

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