Welcome to Your New Volkswagen

This owner’s manual has been crafted to guide you through the features, operation, and maintenance of your 2021 Volkswagen Virtus and Polo. This document will serve as an invaluable reference throughout the life of your car.

Vehicle Delivery Documentation

When taking delivery of your Volkswagen, ensure that all details such as the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), delivery date, and dealership information are correctly documented. It is essential to check the vehicle’s condition and understand the operation and warranty terms, which should be validated by both the dealership’s representative and your signature.

Product Evolution

Volkswagen AG strives to stay at the forefront of vehicle design, technology, and performance. Updates in these areas may occur after your automobile’s production, meaning specifications in this manual might differ slightly from your vehicle as improvements are continually implemented.

Equipments and Features

The specifications regarding delivery, appearance, performance, weight, and features meet the standards known at the time of printing this manual. Optional equipment and features that were not standard at the time of production might become available later and may vary by country. For the latest information on country-specific variations and available special equipment at an additional cost, please contact your local Volkswagen dealer.

Owner’s Manual Integrity

The content in this manual is legally protected and cannot be reproduced, reprinted, or translated without explicit written permission from Volkswagen AG. The company reserves all legal rights over this document, signifying that it may undergo changes. As such, no legal claims can be made based on discrepancies between the information provided here and your specific vehicle’s features or specifications.

This summary of your 2021 Volkswagen Virtus and Polo Owner’s Manual is designed to be brief while giving a comprehensive overview, checking that you are ready to enjoy your Volkswagen with full knowledge and peace of mind about your vehicle’s functionalities and company support policies.


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