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The 2021 Cadillac CT4 Owner Manual provides essential information about your vehicle and should be kept in the vehicle for easy reference. This manual may describe features and applications that could be unavailable in your region or were not included in your specific CT4 due to differences in optional equipment, model variants, or country specifications.

Manual Availability

For Canadian owners, a French language manual is available through dealers or the publisher, Helm, Incorporated. The English version is also accessible for quick reference.

Trademark Information

The manual includes various trademarks, such as the Cadillac emblem and the GM logo, which are property of General Motors LLC and its affiliates. For Canadian vehicles, the name “General Motors of Canada Company” replaces “Cadillac Motor Car Division” throughout the manual.

Health and Safety Warnings

It is important to note that operating, servicing, and maintaining a vehicle can expose you to substances like engine exhaust and lead, which are recognized by the State of California to cause health issues, such as cancer and reproductive harm. To minimize exposure, it’s recommended to follow precautions like servicing your vehicle in well-ventilated areas and frequently washing your hands when handling vehicle components.

Customer Assistance and Online Resources

Customer support is provided via phone for both the United States and Canada. Additionally, the My Cadillac App offers access to the full owner’s manual and instructional videos. Roadside assistance is also available through designated phone lines. Online platforms like MyCertifiedService.com provide a convenient way to locate dealers and schedule service appointments for U.S. customers. For more information and resources, owners can visit Cadillac’s official website, customized by country.

Content Structure

The manual is organized into sections, covering detailed aspects of the vehicle such as keys, doors, windows, seats, restraints, storage, instruments and controls, lightning, infotainment system, climate controls, driving and operating specifics, vehicle care, service and maintenance, technical data, and reporting safety defects. An index is included for easy navigation.


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