Executive Summary of Service Campaign

This document outlines a Service Campaign (#390) for the 2019 Maserati Levante MY20 models, specifically those equipped with ETM (Electronic Technical Manual) Software Volta 5.1. The bulletin, identified as MASO02066 MTB 19-17, addresses an issue where some vehicles did not have their On Board Documentation, namely the Owner’s Manual, pre-installed in the ETM during the production phase.

To remedy this, the campaign provides detailed instructions on how to install the missing documentation into the ETM system of the affected vehicles. The document lays out a straightforward process:

  1. Verification of the vehicle involvement via an attached VIN list and using ModisCS+.
  2. Navigational steps within ModisCS+ to reach the ‘CONTENT’ section where the uploading procedure is initiated.

While the main Owner’s Manual was not installed in some cases, a Quick Guide Booklet is present in the vehicle, and a full digital version of the manual is accessible online at no cost to owners through Maserati’s official site. This ensures that critical information is still readily available for reference.

The document also serves as a technical bulletin for service providers, enabling them to perform the update seamlessly while also clarifying that the Maserati North America, Inc. Aftersales provides authoritative reproduction and translation rights for the document. In support of the efficient resolution of this issue, Maserati reiterates the importance of following the official procedures outlined within.

This campaign reflects Maserati’s commitment to customer service and technical excellence. By ensuring that all owners have access to necessary on board documentation directly within their vehicle’s ETM system, they uphold their standards of vehicle support and reliability.

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