This manual is a technical communication document intended for the subsidiaries, dealers, importers, and independent operators of Maserati. It outlines the release and ordering process for the new Maserati Diagnosi EVO 2 (MDEVO 2) Diagnostic Tool, an advanced device for electronic diagnostics across Maserati’s vehicle lineup. The correspondence, issued on December 19, 2019, provides guidelines for the distribution and use of the diagnostic system, underlining Maserati’s pursuit of premium technical service and support.

The MDEVO 2 is available in various kits designed to cater to different levels of diagnostic requirements:
Each kit includes its version of the new Maserati Diagnosi Vehicle Communication Interface 2 (MDVCI 2), offering enhanced features which are further elucidated in Maserati’s Circular Letter MASO02048.

With this launch, Maserati emphasizes the exclusive selling rights of authorized dealers within the European Union, the United States, and Canada, conforming to the respective laws and regulations. The document details the procurement path for independent operators, beginning with a request for a dealer code from an authorized dealer, and culminating in the delivery and invoicing of the diagnostic materials.

Maserati ensures that the MDEVO 2 spare parts remain consistent with those utilized in authorized workshops, upholding the standards of service quality and reliability. For a complete understanding of the software usage, activation procedures, warranty conditions, and commercial aspects relating to independent operators, the manual references several attachments, which encompass the terms of service, reselling procedures, ECU programming protocols, and the associated licensing fees.


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