This datasheet presents a range of quad port TI/E1 transformers designed for use in 1.544Mbps (T1), 2.048Mbps (CEPT), and ISDN Primary Rate Interface (PRI) applications.

Key Features

These transformers are matched to leading quad and dual TI/E1/CEPT transceivers and offer:

  • Crosstalk attenuation of -65dB or better
  • UL1950 recognition (some parts pending approval)
  • RoHS compliance (versions available upon request)

Electrical Specifications

The transformers are specified for use in a variety of applications, with parameters including turns ratio, open circuit inductance (OCL), and common mode rejection ratio (CMRR).

Transformer Selection Guide

A guide is provided to aid in the selection of the appropriate transformer model based on the specific IC vendor and application requirements.

Package and Mechanical Information

Details are given on the package types, dimensions, and weight, as well as suggested pad layouts for surface mount and through-hole packages.

Electrical Performance

The transformers are designed to meet or exceed various regulatory standards, including ITU-T G.703 and European national regulatory documents, for return loss, longitudinal balance, and surge voltage capability.


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