KEMET’s T11O Series of hermetically sealed tantalum through-hole capacitors are designed for use in high humidity environments and are suitable for coupling, bypass, filtering, and RC timing circuits in miniaturized circuitry.

These capacitors offer a wide range of capacitance values (0.0047 pF to 330 pF) with tolerances of +5%, +10%, and +20%, and operate at voltages from 6 VDC to 125 VDC.

Key Features

Qualified to MIL-PRF-39003 (CSR13 Style)

Available in various case sizes (A, B, C, D)

Low ESR limits and excellent stability

Extremely low DC leakage current

Taped and reeled per EIA Specification RS-296

Marking per MIL-STD-1285

Failure rate options: Graded B, C, D, and Exponential M, P, R, and S


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