This datasheet describes the specifications and performance characteristics of Nichicon’s F91 series of solid tantalum electrolytic capacitors, which are designed for high-frequency applications and are compliant with the RoHS directive.

Key Features

The F91 series offers a range of capacitance values from 1.0μF to 680μF, with a rated voltage of 6.3V to 50V. The capacitors have a low ESR and are suitable for high-frequency applications.

Performance Characteristics

The capacitors have a capacitance tolerance of ±20%, and a dissipation factor of ≤150% at 120Hz. The leakage current is ≤0.01CV or 3μA, whichever is greater, after 1 minute of rated voltage application.

The capacitors also undergo various tests, including damp heat, temperature cycles, and surge tests, to ensure their reliability and performance.


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