This datasheet describes the technical specifications of the RR128.268.001 Series BMA, a straight 2 holes flange floating jack crimp type cable 5/50 D connector.

Components and Materials

The connector features a stainless steel body, beryllium copper center contact, and PTFE insulator, with passivated gold plating over nickel.

Electrical Characteristics

The connector has a 50 ohm impedance, with a maximum VSWR of 1.15 and insertion loss of 0.03 dB. It also has a voltage rating of 350 Veff and a dielectric withstanding voltage of 1000 Veff.

Mechanical Characteristics

The connector has a cable retention pull-off torque of 180 N minimum and a center contact retention axial force of 27 N minimum.

Tooling and Assembly

Recommended tooling includes the R282.223.000 crimping tool and R282.235.011 crimping dies. The connector is suitable for cables such as KX 23, RG 142, FTX, RG 223, and RG 400.

Environmental Characteristics

The connector operates in a temperature range of -65°C to +125°C and has a mating life of 1000 cycles minimum.


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