The OP497 is a quad operational amplifier with precision performance, low power consumption, and extremely low input bias current. It operates from +2 V to +20 V supplies and features a high open-loop gain, low offset voltage, and high common-mode rejection.

Key Features

Low offset voltage: 75 μV maximum
Low offset voltage drift: 1.0 μV/°C maximum
Very low bias current: 150 pA maximum at 25°C, 300 pA maximum from -40°C to +85°C
High open-loop gain: 2000 V/mV minimum
Low supply current: 625 μA maximum per amplifier


The OP497 is suitable for various applications, including strain gage and bridge amplifiers, high stability thermocouple amplifiers, instrumentation amplifiers, photocurrent monitors, high gain linearity amplifiers, long-term integrators/filters, sample-and-hold amplifiers, and peak detectors.


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