Ohmite’s Little Demons are small, reliable carbon composition resistors with high dielectric strength, low noise, and high temperature stability.

They are made with a rugged construction that combines terminals, insulation, and resistive elements into an integrated unit, offering high surge capabilities and rapid heat dissipation.

Key Features:

Wattage: 0.25W (OD) and 0.50W (OF)

Tolerance: 5% and 10%

Max Voltage: 250V (OD) and 350V (OF)

Dielectric Strength: 100K and 2M

Packaging and Storage:

Resistors are packaged in sealed poly bags with desiccant and should be stored in a controlled environment to maintain consistent humidity.

Inventory should be used on a first-in-first-out basis to minimize resistance shifts during soldering operations.


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