This performance specification sheet outlines the requirements for controlled forward voltage switching diodes, including three levels of product assurance and two levels of product assurance for unencapsulated devices.


The specification covers the performance requirements for semiconductor devices, with physical dimensions, maximum ratings, and primary electrical characteristics specified.

Physical Dimensions

Figures 1-4 provide detailed physical dimensions for axial leads, DO-213AA, UB and UBN, and die.

Maximum Ratings

Maximum ratings are specified for voltage, current, and temperature, with temperature-current derating curves provided in figures 5 and 6.

Primary Electrical Characteristics

Primary electrical characteristics are specified at TA = +25°C, unless otherwise specified, with limits provided for forward voltage, reverse current, and other parameters.

The specification also references applicable documents, including government documents and standards, such as MIL-PRF-19500 and MIL-STD-750.


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