This datasheet presents a series of low noise Zener diodes available in various packages, including hermetically sealed MELF DO-213 and axial-leaded glass DO-35.

The diodes offer tight tolerances of ±2% or ±1% with the “D” suffix, and feature 500 mW power handling, a maximum operating temperature range of -65°C to +175°C, and a thermal resistance of 250°C/W.

Electrical Specifications

The diodes have a steady-state power of 0.5 watts, with forward voltage at 200 mA ranging from 10.65 V to 76.00 V, depending on the specific type.

Zener impedance, noise density, and maximum reverse current are also specified for each type.

Package and Mounting

The devices are available in hermetically sealed glass cases (MELF; SOD-80, LL34) with a tin-lead finish, and can be mounted in any position.


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