The IBMO436A4CBLBB, IBM0418A4CBLBB, IBMO436A8CBLBB, and IBMO418A8CBLBB are synchronous pipeline mode, high-performance CMOS static random access memories (SRAMs) with 8Mb (256Kx36 & 512Kx18) and 4Mb (128Kx36 & 256Kx18) organizations.

Key features include:

  • Double data rate and single data rate synchronous modes of operation
  • HSTL input and output levels
  • Registered addresses, controls, and data inputs
  • Burst mode of operation
  • Common I/O
  • Pipeline mode of operation
  • Asynchronous output enable
  • Self-timed late write with full data coherency
  • Boundary scan using limited set of JTAG 1149.1 functions
  • Single differential HSTL clock
  • 9 x 17 Bump Ball Grid Array Package with SRAM JEDEC Standard Pinout and Boundary SCAN Order
  • +2.5V Power Supply; Ground, 1.9V VDDQ, and 0.95V VAEF
  • Programmable impedance output drivers

The devices operate with a single +2.5V power supply and are compatible with HSTL I/O interfaces.


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