The ZAPD-1750+ is a 2-way DC pass power splitter/combiner designed for operation from 950 to 1750 MHz.

Key Features

Low insertion loss (0.2 dB typ.), high isolation (30 dB typ.), and excellent amplitude and phase unbalance.

Rugged shield case, RoHS compliant, and suitable for cellular, GPS, satellite, and distribution communications systems.

Electrical Specifications

Frequency range: 950-1750 MHz
Insertion loss: 0.2 dB typ.
Isolation: 30 dB typ.
Amplitude unbalance: 0.1 dB typ.
Phase unbalance: 0.5 deg. typ.
VSWR: 1.1:1 typ.


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Pricing & Distributors: https://www.datasheets360.com/part/detail/zapd-1750-s/-831948806451699281/

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