This datasheet describes a 100″ x .100″ latch/ejector header wall, available in straight and right angle configurations, with a high temperature option.

Key Features

Optional ejector latches, mounting holes for securing the header to the board, and solder tail and wrap tail options are available. The header also features polarizing posts and a choice of rolled pin and snap-in latches.

Physical and Electrical Characteristics

The header is made of glass-filled polyester (PBT) or high-temperature glass-filled polyester (PCT) with a copper alloy contact material. It has a current rating of 1 A, insulation resistance of >1×109 Ω at 500 Vdc, and a withstanding voltage of 1000 Vrms at sea level.

Environmental Characteristics

The header has a temperature rating of -55°C to +125°C, with a high-temperature process rating of up to 235°C for 90 seconds.


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